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I love summer. Every day I don’t have to wear a jacket + I have extra daylight to do the things I enjoy is a good day to me.

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9 May

The Baths in Citrusdal: A Review

I asked you guys on Instagram if you’d be interested in a review, and the answer was a resounding yes. So here you go!

The Baths is an incredible hot spring resort nestled in the mountains of Citrusdal, only 2 hours away from Cape Town. It was established in 1739 and boasts handsome Victorian-style stone buildings. The Baths accommodation includes 16 chalets and 19 flats with self-contained kitchens and braai areas. If you’re a camper, you’ll be happy to know that the resort offers a camping site at a basic rate of R110 per person per night. If you’re camping – you can also use the pools and jacuzzis. As a camper, it’s a bit of a walk to the pools. But you will definitely still love it!

We booked our accommodation on and we were originally meant to stay in one of the chalets on the kloof, which is a bit further away from the pools. The chalets range from R1 100 per night (weekend rate), and all of them have jacuzzis except for the William Danster chalet. The biggest one can accommodate 6 people and costs R3 000 per night over weekends (Friday and Saturday) and R2 400 Sunday to Thursday. That means that you can go away for the weekend with a group of friends for R500 per night!

There was a slight miscommunication between and the resort, and we ended up being bumped up to a room in The Olsen building right in the heart of the resort. (I’m not complaining!) These rooms are HUGE and they all have private jacuzzis. We stayed in room 35, which is R1400 per night (weekend rate) and offers self-catering facilities. The bathroom offers a double shower and a big jacuzzi, which opens up onto a little braai area.

The room has braai utensils, however they don’t tell you beforehand that you need to bring a grid and you’ll have to fork out R150 to buy one if you don’t bring your own. Luckily there is a shop on the premises where you can buy wood, sunscreen, cooldrinks, Tabard, etc. if you don’t want to drive to the shops in Citrusdal. There is also a restaurant if you’d like to grab a bite to eat.

There is endless entertainment at The Baths! We spent most of our time in the swimming pools. The hot pool is…well, very hot.  The spring water is filled with minerals and you will leave the resort with super soft skin and hair.

A swim at 18:30 in the middle of autumn. Bliss!

Right opposite the hot pool is an icy one, which is invigorating after dipping in one that feels as hot as bath. The kids at the resort loved running from one pool to the other and it provided endless entertainment to them. The Baths is one of the most family-friendly places I’ve visited in recent years, and when the kids aren’t swimming in the pools – they can jump on the trampolines, play tennis or join you for a walk.

The cold pool with kids jumping on the trampoline.

Okay, but as if these pools aren’t exciting enough – there is also a big (cold) rockpool in the mountain and smaller hot baths above it. Nature-lovers will definitely love these!

The path to the rockpools.

This pool is quite muddy, but it’s so much fun to swim in in summer!

Hot baths on the side of the mountain.

If your room doesn’t have its own jacuzzi, you are welcome to use the communal jacuzzis next to The Olsen building. This is very well-maintained and clean. So you will definitely have your pick of spring water activities at The Baths!

The communal jacuzzi room.

There are so many rooms and accommodation options to choose from, but if you’d like to only visit for the day – you can phone the office and book a day spot for only R100 per adult and R50 per child.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at The Baths, and I can’t wait to go back in the heart of winter to experience the heated pool on a rainy day! If you’d like to find out more about their accommodation options, please visit their website here. You can also book your accommodation on 

Accommodation info:
2-night minimum stay rule applies for weekend bookings for both Fri and Sat nights. Sat & Sun nights only do not apply.

Weekends = Friday & Saturday and includes school holidays

Midweek = Sunday to Thursday and excludes school holidays


022 – 921 8026/7 and 022 – 921 8032

International callers dial country code: + 27 22 921 8026/7

Email: [email protected]

But…how do hot springs work?

This spring is an artesian well. Water that gathers in the Koue Bokkeveld mountains sinks down through the sandstone until it reaches a depth where the surrounding earth is extremely hot. Pressure builds up, forcing the water under the Olifants River and up the other side, where it emerges in the Kloof at 43º Celsius.

The main eye with several other eyes delivers 105 000 litres of water per hour, which feeds The Olifants River as well. The main eye is now encased in a spring vault. The water is crystal clear and good to drink.  [Source]

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  • Mark Higgs

    Awesome hidden gem of the western cape, been a few times now and always want to go back.
    Booking a trip as soon as covid has slowed down a little.

    November 24, 2020 at 15:16 Reply

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