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10 Sep

My New Flat

Last month I wrote about my decision to move to a new apartment. It was one of my most personal blogs to date, and I was overwhelmed by the beautiful response I got from it. I received so many messages from people who were/have been in the same boat as me. This is an excerpt from an email someone sent me: “These days you feel pressured into having to have that extra glass of wine with a bestie to have it it slip out that you are not happy so someone else can just say I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! And the next day you continue to Adult with a hangover but you still don't feel like you have "got this". How true is...
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31 Aug

8 Times I Completely Fail At Being a Girl

1. Curling my hair As mentioned in my recent vlog, I have no clue how to curl my hair with a curling iron or GHD. I have watched many videos where girls made it seem super easy. But, alas, I wasn't meant for the curling life. 2. Wearing G-Strings I only tried it once and it felt like there was something stuck in my bum the whole day. I would rather have a pantyline than spend the whole day feeling like I have a wedgie. 3. Talking like a lady I always try my best to look like a lady, but I can't be arsed to speak like one. 4. Finding toilet humour distasteful This one time I posted a video of an iguana farting in a bath, and I...
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17 Aug

4th STREET Lightly Sparkled Party

Two weeks ago I attended the launch party of the 4th Street Lightly Sparkled range. The theme was 1950s, which is one of the most AMAZING eras in terms of fashion. I invited my friend, Tanya, with me. It was hilarious because we were both wearing polka dots and had to introduce ourselves as, “Hi, I’m Anja!” and “Hi, I’m Tanya!” We’re so used to it though! :D The party was really sweet, with Tamara Dey’s new band performing and the stunning Nomuzi Mabena presenting. There were also delicious snacks (one of my favourite parts about any event) – little burgers and fries! The 4th Street Lightly Sparkled range is deliciously light and the perfect drink for a night out with the girls! The bottle is also...
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