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After two hospitalisations in one year, I can confirm that gap cover is 100% worth it and the best money I ever spent.

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26 May

Shit dermatlogists don’t tell you about Oratane

When I was younger I used to get weird, unexplainable rashes on my body. This one time I swam in the sea at Struisbaai with my brother and when we came out I looked like a leper. I was really upset, not only because it was itchy as fuck, but also because I looked like a leper and not a leopard. In my first year of college it acted up again, and I got rashes on my chest. It was really annoying, because I LOVE fashion and I used to only be able to wear tops that covered my whole chest area. It was so bad, that the other day when one of my college bffs heard that I'm on Oratane, her...
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