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21 Feb

Stylish Slicked Back Hair

Whether you have a lob, or if you’re rocking mermaid hair – one of the most stylish celebrity hair trends to try this year is the slicked back style.

Seen on celebs like Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian, this trend looks similar to a slicked back ponytail. But instead of having to tie your hair up and having to deal with a potential headache (we’ve all been there!), you simply slick the front part of your hair back and leave the rest down.

These are some of the Hollywood starlets who have perfected the look.



Ciara looked absolutely breathtaking at the 57th Grammy Awards. Her hair was stylish, but subtle – the perfect complement to her voluminous gown.

Kim Kardashian



The queen of celebrity hair trends, Kim Kardashian was an early adopter to this look, and has been rocking the slick back trend for years. By adding sultry smokey eyes, Kim took this look from daytime chic to nighttime sexy.

Gigi Hadid Gigi-Hadid-Renew


Gigi Hadid opted for the more natural version of the slicked back hairstyle, with less hairgel and more volume. This look is perfect for the daytime!

Kendall Jenner



Like big sister Kim Kardashian, Kendall opted for the sexier version of the slick back hair trend. The little flyaway strand at the front is the perfect way to achieve the “It’s effortless to look this good” look!

Taylor Swift


Taylor is proof that this look is perfect for any hair length. Taylor simply slicked back her fringe and achieved the look in seconds!

Miley Cyrus


If you need further proof that the slick back trend is suited for all hair lengths, look no further than Miley Cyrus’ pixie cut! Slicked back it looks daring and bold – just like Miley herself!

“The slick back hairstyle portrays sophistication and confidence, as the hair is off the face. You have to be bold to be able to wear something like this,” says Kardashian hair guru Jen Atkin.

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