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2 May

Restaurant review: CHEFS

Last Friday night I had the honour of visiting CHEFS in Gardens. When reviewing a restaurant, I always feel that I need to address the pros and cons to keep it real. But I truly didn’t have any cons to add to this article, because I loved absolutely everything about it – from the venue, to the aesthetic, to the food.

So what is CHEFS about? CHEFS opened end of last year in Cape Town. You may have driven past it on St Johns Street and seen the team prepping their daily menu. This is the first interesting thing about CHEFS: they have a new menu everyday. Every morning three meal options are set out for the day and loaded onto the CHEFS website

Often Chef Jenny sends through the meals of the day at 23:30 at night, and changes it on a whim when she heads out to the fresh food market at the crack of dawn the next day. This means that everything on the menu is super fresh. I was told that on the day that J-P and I visited, the fish for the night only arrived that afternoon. It doesn’t get fresher than that!

But here’s the other interesting aspect: On your arrival, you choose your meal option via the iPad’s available. There are no waiters and no tipping involved. All you have to do is select your meals, sit back and relax. For some free entertainment, you can watch the head Chef Jenny as she prepares everything in the open-plan kitchen.

Then, what I found the coolest, is that they have what is called a “fast fine” concept, which means you get fine dining in 10 – 15 minutes. Seriously, it’s that quick. Personally this is the biggest drawcard for me, because I sometimes just want to get a bite to eat and go without a whole song and dance. To add to the fast fine aesthetic – food is served in trays, and is deconstructed. Chef Jenny will come to your table to tell you more about the meal and give some tips on which flavours mix well. In our case she gave us a tip off that the chips will taste even more fantastic with the mustard creme, and she was so right!

J-P and I had the Balsamic Mustard Wood-Roasted Sirloin and for dessert – basically the best creme brûlée I’ve ever tasted. This coming from someone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth at all!

So, let’s talk about prices. The mains for the night ranged from R145 – R170, with dessert being R40. You can easily have a two-course meal for under R250. You’ll get a complimentary bottle of sparkling or still water, and if you’d like another beverage you can either choose from their homemade juice of the day (WHICH IS AMAZING) or red wine, white, rosé or beer on tap.

This is what makes CHEFS 100% worth the visit:

  • With only 3 mains available, every meal is expertly crafted and absolutely delicious
  • The ambience is very peaceful and you won’t have to shout over music to hear each other
  • The meals are deconstructed, so if you don’t like a certain sauce – you don’t have to eat it, nor will it mix with the other food
  • You’ll get a very hands-on approach, every customer is noted and will be made to feel at home
  • It’s quick and easy to order with the iPads, and you can pay with your card or Snapscan quickly and efficiently without any tips
  • There are vegetarian meals available
  • You’ll get fine dining at a fast food speed and rate

J-P and I have vowed to go back for date night and take our friends and parents as soon as possible. I am also waiting for an excuse to go there for a “lunch meeting”…

If you’d like to find out more, please visit their website here.

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 12pm – 8:30pm

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