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20 Apr

How to not suck at posting a Gumtree ad  

Hi, I’m Anja and I’m a bargain hunter.

Seriously, my dad used to tease my mom and me that our surname should’ve been Van Zyl, because we love sales so much. (Got to love dad jokes, hey.)


My bargain-hunting doesn’t only stretch to sales, but also second-hand buying. I’ve done a post on this before, which you can view here.

Nobody is a bigger fan of Gumtree than my brother though. He buys and sells things on there almost monthly. A few weeks ago he got a call that he won a DSTV Explorer, and by that afternoon he’d already sold it on Gumtree.

Yes, I am related to this person.

Anyways, my recent hunt for apartments showed me that most people are pretty kak at posting Gumtree ads. So with the help of the Gumtree team, I decided to write some pointers to help you sell your stuff and have extra $$ to YOLO with.

1. Write a captivating title

This is one of the most important parts of your ad – make sure that your title is captivating, concise and spelling mistake-free. Describe the product’s condition, colour or year model in the title. You’re guaranteed to get more clicks that way.

Also, just know that I will judge you super hard if you make a spelling mistake in a sentence of 65 characters.

You had one job, my friend. Only one.

2. Don’t take shitty photos

Why does your photo look like it was taken with a 2mp camera? Is this 2004? Do you also have an Exactmobile wallpaper?

Nee, man. All smart phones have good cameras these days, and if they don’t – you can always ask a friend if you can use their phone, or even their digital camera.

Photos are crucial to an ad – most people won’t even give your ad a second glance if it doesn’t have proper photos.

So make sure that your photos do your product justice – take them in good lighting, and make sure that there’s nothing dodgy in the background.

3. Categorise your ad

Make sure that your ad is not only under the right category, but also under the right area. Don’t disappoint someone by breaking the news that you live in Rosebank in Cape Town, when your ad says you’re in Rosebank Johannesburg. Don’t be that person.

4. Add contact details

If you don’t want to leave your contact number, at least leave an email address. Also, ANSWER YOUR PHONE and have the decency to let people know once your product has been sold.

Again, I reiterate: Don’t get people’s hopes up for no reason.

5. Dnt Spll Lyk Ds

Even if you’re selling the most spectacular product at the most spectacular price, I won’t buy it because I’m too scared that I’ll catch stupidity.

6. Don’t be a liar

Really now. Really.

Good luck, I hope you’ll make a sale – don’t be too surprised if you see my name in your inbox!

Check out the Gumtree Seller Guide for more info.

  • Shannon Lawrence

    what the hell!!! is that a real laptop. surely not?

    April 21, 2015 at 10:27 am Reply
  • Luzani Mothobi

    LOL! 5 & 6 ne!

    April 22, 2015 at 9:55 pm Reply

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