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21 Aug

Grown Ups 2 = Grown Ups Poo

So last night my best friend and I went to see Grown Ups 2. We try to do this every Tuesday, as tickets are half price at our local cinema on Tuesdays. So even if a movie is really kak, we don’t feel bad, because it only cost R20.

That  changed last night.

Grown Ups 2 is possibly the worst thing to happen to the film industry. It’s even worse than Gigli, which I always thought to be the poop pinnacle.

Let me give you a synopsis of the movie:

Four goofy men goof around for 1 and a half hours and then there’s a really fake fight scene which involves a green screened moose. The end.

Even Keeping Up With The Kardashians is more intellectually stimulating than this garbage.

Half of the movie looks like it was green screened by first year film students, which is really fitting, because the script was definitely written by a toddler.

I’d also like to know how much they paid Selma Hayek to star in this cacaphony of kak, or if she too was green screened.

It’s still really cold in Cape Town, so I propose that they take all the Grown Ups 2 film reels and give them to the bergies to burn. At least then something good will come from it then.

Here’s the trailer. *Warning: This video will make you dumber.


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