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23 Oct

How to get a partner in Cape Town

1. Find out if your crush has a girlfriend

This applies to boys and girls.


2. Find out if your crush has a boyfriend

I’m not only talking to the boys.


3. Find out if your crush has a boyfriend and a girlfriend

Bicycle, biiiicycle, bicycle!


4. Find out how many of your friends/acquaintances your crush has been with

The answer will probably be: ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS.

Cape Town is the second largest city in the South Africa, yet everyone’s incestuous AF.


5. Find out if your crush is engaged/married

Just because your crush has a mansion, expensive car and two children, doesn’t mean that they’re married. This is Cape Town.


6. Enter relationship

Stalk them until they give in.



7. Start a blog about your relationship

Sorry, but your relationship isn’t real if it doesn’t have its own blog.


The end.

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  • Jade Abbott

    Dammit, I LOVED this big time!

    October 24, 2013 at 12:11 pm Reply

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