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After two hospitalisations in one year, I can confirm that gap cover is 100% worth it and the best money I ever spent.

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24 May

Coffee Date

I can’t believe that I went through 22 years without coffee. At school I used to pull my nose up at it – only drinking a cup every now and then in winter. During my varsity years I started buying coffee at the cafeteria to fuel me after late nights working on projects, or partying. But even then it wasn’t really because I liked the taste – just because I needed the kick.


Then I started working in the CBD, and House of Machines was just across the road from my office. And with that the coffee addiction started.


My mom and I recently went to Pretoria to visit my family, and I made her stop at coffee shops every morning so that I can buy cappuccinos because our guest house only had Nescafe instant coffee. It’s out of control, I know.


This post was shot at my favourite coffee spot in Paarl, Kikka. At school this was THE place to hangout, and now – years later – I still love it so much. They also make the prettiest bouquets, and I’ve been lucky enough to get a few when I attended high school dance. Oh, the nostalgia.


My look is pretty much my go-to: Levi’s jeans, a pretty top and minimalist make-up. This outfit was shot by Zel Archer, and my make-up and hair was done by Cat Terblanche.


Check out my previous lookpost with them here.

Top: Zando

Jeans: Levi’s

Necklace: Black Betty

Shoes: Woolworths

Watch: Nixon

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