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24 Oct

Cinema Etiquette

Last night I went to see Gravity with my friends.

Five minutes into the movie I wanted to strangle an inconsiderate assface who was determined to find a jellybaby at the BOTTOM of a plastic packet.

It reminded me of Jean-Paul Sartre’s quote, “Hell is—other people.”

The thing is, other people are inconsiderate by nature, and will unknowingly ruin an awesome experience for you.

If you’re still not sure how to behave in a cinema, here’s a guide for you…you bastard.

1. Don’t chew like a horse

Oh I’m sorry, I thought I booked a movie ticket, not a Durban July ticket.

I am convinced that Dexter decided to become a serial killer after he heard someone chewing with their mouth open.

It’s a disgusting, rude, obnoxious, irritating habit. It’s the kind of habit that ruins friendships. I could never be friends with someone who chews with their mouth open.

make it stop

The problem is, that even though my friends aren’t open mouth chewers, there’s no escaping people who are.

So please, the next time you want to munch popcorn like a beast, consider all the other people. We came here to watch the movie, not listen to your chewing.

 2. Plastic is not fantastic

I’m going to start an Avaaz petition to ban plastic packaging from cinemas. If you absolutely HAVE to buy sweets that come in a plastic packet, be considerate.

Throw the sweets into your hand so that you don’t have to krap in the packet.

If you krap, I klap.

don't make me

3. Sit still

If you’re older than 13, you have no excuse not to be able to sit still. Last night the seat behind me was really squeaky, but the lady who was sitting in it didn’t care. She didn’t change seats, even though the seat next to her was empty, and she didn’t sit still. Instead she moved around more than gypsy.

Don’t ruin the movie for everyone just because you can’t sit still, you selfish shit.

4. To pee, or not to pee

It’s shocking how many people get up in the first five minutes of the movie to go to the loo.


I mean, when did you get the time to consume enough liquid to go to the loo? You just sat down!

Ag nee man, there are babies that have better bladder control than cinemagoers. How difficult is it to go to the bathroom BEFORE the movie? And I refuse to believe that you’re unable to hold until the movie is over.

If you can’t hold your wee, or at least go to the loo without crushing everyone’s feet – watch a movie at home, asshole.

stamp of disapproval

5. If you talk, you walk

Hey you know when a good time is to discuss the movie you’re watching?


And for you buttheads who think that whispering is okay, it isn’t. It’s even more annoying.



6. No cellphones

You’re watching the movie and suddenly a light blinds you – what is it, where is it coming from? Is this the rapture?

No. It’s the dumbass in front of you who’s checking his BBMs.

I don’t care if you’re BBMing with Lady Gaga – you don’t take your phone out in the middle of the movie.

And if you do, you shouldn’t be surprised if I throw it on the ground and Godzilla stomp all over it.


  • lulu

    This is exactly how I feel…

    And people who kick your chair from behind
    #[email protected]$#* !!!!

    October 24, 2013 at 10:38 am Reply
  • Sandy Nene

    Haha, this post is funny but true. I am also going to watch Gravity tonight – I’m very much excited about that. I just HOPE no one ruins the night for me with bad movie manners.

    October 24, 2013 at 2:55 pm Reply
  • Charlene

    Hahahahahaaaa… You krap, I klap! Love it!! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to whack someone on the head for being obnoxious in the cinema!

    November 1, 2013 at 1:01 pm Reply
  • Elrese (Dressed in the city)

    Oh my gosh – I laughed so much at all of this! How true!! Me and my hubby are movie fanatics and visit one so often, coupled with the fact that I have misophonia (btw that is someone that absolutely cannot listen to other people eat) — makes for interesting times. My hubby will tell someone to shut it, or sit still lol I mean this is after we’ve sat for half an hour of someone kicking our chairs or talking or stuff, he kind of just gets emotional. But geezz, I think all cinemas need to put this on big posters and display it nationwide!!

    November 15, 2013 at 10:00 am Reply

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