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When I was younger we rented an old beach house. During the night all of us heard noises and felt a presence in the house. My parents aren’t superstitious people, but to this day they maintain that there was something *off* about that place.…

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23 Aug

Saldanha: A West Coast Gem

When I was invited to go to Saldanha by West Coast Way, I have to admit that I was like: Huh? What’s in Saldanha? I love the West Coast and I have spent most of my Decembers braving the cold waters of Yzerfontein. I’ve been to most places from Melkbos to Elands Bay, but for some odd reason I’ve never ventured into Saldanha. So when J-P and I arrived at Blue Bay Lodge on Friday, we were blown away by the INCREDIBLE view of Saldanha. Just look at this. It’s amazing when you’re proven wrong about your preconceived expectations of a place. We were checked into the honeymoon suite at the Blue Bay Lodge, which was built last year in December. The room...
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21 Mar

The pros and cons of an MSC cruise

My mom and I have wanted to go on an MSC cruise for years, so last year September we decided to make our dream a reality by booking a cruise for March 2015 on the MSC Opera to Mozambique and Madagascar. Obviously it was fantastic - I loved spending every day in the sun and visiting such exotic places. But, being Anja, there were many things about the cruise that made me want to hand out a few taaiklappe. So if you're thinking of going on a cruise yourself, here are the pros and cons: Pros: 1. All meals are included That's right, folks. Every single meal of the day is included. In the mornings you can go to the buffet breakfast and get everything from...
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