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15 Jul

My thoughts on Pokémon Go

When Pokémon first became a thing in the ‘90s, I wasn’t interested. I was too busy trying to hustle softies for my sticker album. But then one day the bug bit me, and I became obsessed. Obsessed. I still remember this one afternoon on our way home, my brother told me that he’d gotten a bootleg copy of the Pokémon game on a floppy disc. I was so super amped to get home to play it with him, but by the time we got to our computer, the disc had gone corrupt. I still remember the disappointment 16 years later. Anyway, fast forward to my early twenties during a varsity break. And this is what I was doing with my life. “Sorry I can’t go to...
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11 Aug

Dear Afrihost

Dear Afrihost, If you've read any of my other open letters, you're probably really nervous right now. But you can calm down, this isn't one of those letters. When I started my blog in 2012, I was with another web-hosting company. This company disappointed me endlessly - my site was forever down, and I was paying way too much for the terrible service I was receiving. In 2013 decided that it was time to migrate to a new company, and someone on Twitter suggested you. So I migrated my website to you, but not without my previous web hosting company stabbing me in the back one last time. I remember standing on our office balcony, trying to get hold of my old company...
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29 Jun

Go Beauty – Book a beauty appointment in seconds

I live a very busy life, and I don't always have the time to book beauty appointments. As a result I sometimes end up with mad scientist eyebrows. Via Wikipedia commons I'm constantly on my phone, and I love apps that simplify my life. So I was very excited to discover the GoBeauty App which allows you to book appointments on the go. How does it work? Well, it's powered by WeChat, so the first thing you need to do is to install WeChat on your phone. Open We Chat, click on the + in the right hand corner, tap on "Add Account" and choose GoBeautySA. You will now be able to access the GoBeauty Map to see which spas are in your area. The great thing...
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20 Apr

How to not suck at posting a Gumtree ad  

Hi, I’m Anja and I’m a bargain hunter. Seriously, my dad used to tease my mom and me that our surname should’ve been Van Zyl, because we love sales so much. (Got to love dad jokes, hey.) I LOVE SALES OKAY. My bargain-hunting doesn’t only stretch to sales, but also second-hand buying. I’ve done a post on this before, which you can view here. Nobody is a bigger fan of Gumtree than my brother though. He buys and sells things on there almost monthly. A few weeks ago he got a call that he won a DSTV Explorer, and by that afternoon he’d already sold it on Gumtree. Yes, I am related to this person. Anyways, my recent...
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23 Oct

Tinder from a guy’s perspective

My brother, the awesome Ruaan van der Spuy (please follow him on Twitter so that we can up his online street cred) recently joined Tinder for shits and giggles. Everytime he visited us at home he'd tell me about all his experiences. I didn't want to be the only one to hear these hilarious stories, so I asked him to write a blog for you. Here it is. So, recently I've been giving Tinder a go. What a wild ride of guilt-free judgment. Tinder is literally nothing more than a glorified meat market, yet, at the same time I find myself constantly returning to don my toga and cast down my glorious verdict on the (oblivious) female social media demographic. Within the first few rounds...
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