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When I was younger we rented an old beach house. During the night all of us heard noises and felt a presence in the house. My parents aren’t superstitious people, but to this day they maintain that there was something *off* about that place.…

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26 Mar

Feeling Fresh

I realised a while ago that a lot of my readers don't know what I do for a living. As open as I am on my blog, I like to keep my worklife private. But I can tell you that I work in the digital industry. Working in this industry means that you are online 24/7, and it's super difficult to plan a holiday/break when you are always accessible. But at the beginning of 2017 I promised myself that I would try. This year is all about taking care of my physical and mental health, and a big part of that is learning when to take some time to myself. And so that's what I did this past week. I went...
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6 Feb

Aromatics in Black Or White

When I think about Aromatics, I think about watching my mom get ready for work and the smell of her hugs. It used to be her favourite perfume back in the day, and so by association - I've come to think of it as a scent for a mature woman. But then Clinique sent me the new Aromatics In White and Aromatics In Black, and I was like: YOH! I like to judge a book by its cover, so I was firstly impressed by the bottle design which is beautifully simplistic and stylish. Then, when I opened the perfumes - I was happy to find that even though they're very different to each other, they're both perfect for a woman of any age. So let's...
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26 May

Shit dermatlogists don’t tell you about Oratane

When I was younger I used to get weird, unexplainable rashes on my body. This one time I swam in the sea at Struisbaai with my brother and when we came out I looked like a leper. I was really upset, not only because it was itchy as fuck, but also because I looked like a leper and not a leopard. In my first year of college it acted up again, and I got rashes on my chest. It was really annoying, because I LOVE fashion and I used to only be able to wear tops that covered my whole chest area. It was so bad, that the other day when one of my college bffs heard that I'm on Oratane, her...
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