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20 May

Red carpet rant: The 2013 Billboard Awards

Alyssa Milano Oh honey, I wish you really had magical powers so that you could make this outfit disappear. Madonna COVER YOUR COOKAH! Z-LaLa Zoltang. Taylor Swift Where's the icerink? Avril Lavigne  Somebody should buy Avril Lavigne a calender so that she see that it's 2013, not 2004. "Nice wig, Janis! What's it made of?" "Your mom's chesthair!" Jenny McCarthy This is what trying too hard looks like. David Guetta and his wife Please excuse me while I throw up. I have no idea who this person is, but she looks like kak and she's making the dog look bad. Ke$sha COVER YOUR COOKAH!...
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15 Apr

Red carpet rant: MTV Movie Awards

Last night’s MTV Movie Awards delivered a few beautiful outfits, and celebs like Emma Watson and Selena Gomez looked really amazing. But I’m not here to talk about those. I haven’t done one of these red carpet rants in a while, so I have A LOT of pent up bitchiness. So please excuse me while I put my best pair of judgepants on to tell you exactly what I thought of last night’s worst dressed. Ke$ha Makeup: Kids, this is what happens when you have an STD. Outfit: There’s just too much going on here. As separate pieces I don’t hate what she’s wearing – I actually like the hat and fringe top. But put together she looks like a drunk (and blind) cowboy. Positive: Luckily...
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