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14 Jun

Maaji Chimeric Wayferer Collection Launch

You might remember this awesome invitation I was sent a while ago. I was blown away by the effort that was put into it - I have all the time in the world for creative people. So of course my RSVP had a big fat "YES!" on it! So last week I went to Rocco restaurant in the Cape Quarter to celebrate the Maaji Chimeric Wayferer Collection. The first thing I thought when I walked in: "Holy shit, there are models in bikinis in the middle of WINTER. WHY DID I YOLO FOR LUNCH?" Casually hanging out with a stunning Maaji model. Was really impressed with myself when she had to stand on tiptoes to reach my height. I was...
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25 May

Chanel Counter Event

Last Wednesday I attended an event at Chanel in Canal Walk with the lovely ladies from Beauty South Africa. We were invited by Chanel to celebrate their new counter in Edgars, Canal Walk. It was amazing being around all those luxurious fragrances, foundations and eyeshadow palettes! There's something about Chanel - everything about the brand is appealing. The gold packing, the logo, the French - it's all just so...
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24 May

Dove 100 Colours

I'll be the first person to admit that I have a little bit of an obsession with black - especially in winter. I find it so difficult to wear anything else, except for leopard print - of course! When I was invited to the Dove 100 Colours event at the Twelve Apostles last week, it was so hard for me to find something colourful to wear. In the end I opted for this bright jumper from Mr Price, and stuck out like a sore thumb! (It was totally worth it!) Hanging out with the beautiful Carlinn from and Kelli Clifton, Beauty Editor of Fairlady Magazine. I finally met the lovely Candice-Lee from! ...
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21 Mar

Bobbi Brown and Beauty SA Pretty Powerful event

On Women's Day (8 March), Bobbi Brown cosmetics announced their second iteration of the Pretty Powerful campaign. “Pretty Powerful is a campaign that focuses on confidence,” says Bobbi Brown, Founder & CCO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. “And nothing makes a woman or girl feel more confident than being educated and having the knowledge and skills to better her life, and the lives of her family and community members.” Amen, Bobbi! Last year all proceeds of the Pretty Powerful Pot Rouge were donated to the Heartbeat Foundation, and the campaign raised R170,000! This year every cent of the retail price of the Pretty Powerful Mascara will be donated to Heartbeat Foundation, a charity that cares for the emotional well-being of orphaned and vulnerable young women and girls suffering from the impact of...
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17 Mar

Cape Town Carnival with Catrice

On Saturday night I attended my first ever Cape Town Carnival, and it was AMAZING. I was invited by Catrice and Essence cosmetics to attend their VIP party, which happened in front of the Traffic Department in Green Point. Our view was absolutely spectacular, and the vibe of the evening was one that I would never forget. It was truly like being a kid again! All the lights and costumes were so bright and amazing - it was reminiscent of childhood Christmases and birthdays. I spent the whole night hanging out with two of my fave bloggers, Laura Jane and Siyaam Ally. We all got to meet Cindy Nell, the importer of Catrice, and my favourite former Miss South Africa She is just as beautiful...
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