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19 Nov

Wild Africa Cream Celebrates Young Talent

If you’ve been a reader for a long time, you probably know that I went through a hectic leopard print phase. There was a time where everything I owned was leopard print. My handbag, my cellphone cover, my wallet. I knew I had a legit problem when I wanted a leopard print car key from Walmart and I was prepared to do anything to get it into South Africa. What’s interesting about leopard print is that at first glance, it seems like a difficult print to style but it isn’t. To quote Jenna Lyons, “As far as I’m concerned, leopard print is a neutral.” My love for this magnificent print led me to The Villioti Fashion Institute: Future Fashion Leaders Showcase, which...
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29 Sep

Cotton On Group Xmas Preview

Cotton On. Typo. Factorie. Whisper any of those brands in my ear and I'M YOURS. Last week I was #blessed enough to attend the Cotton On Xmas preview at the Waterfront. (Still not a good enough reason to use #blessed) Upon arrival I saw a little board that said, "Merry elfing Christmas", and I felt at home immediately. We were greeted by Jeff Clements, who told us a bit more about the Cotton On group's strategy in terms of opening stores in SA, their CSI initiatives and their latest trends. I have a lot of respect for Cotton On for making CSI initiatives SO COOL. By buying a rad bracelet or a badass panda bag, you'll be donating money to a local cause. Their Xmas range is looking...
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17 Aug

4th STREET Lightly Sparkled Party

Two weeks ago I attended the launch party of the 4th Street Lightly Sparkled range. The theme was 1950s, which is one of the most AMAZING eras in terms of fashion. I invited my friend, Tanya, with me. It was hilarious because we were both wearing polka dots and had to introduce ourselves as, “Hi, I’m Anja!” and “Hi, I’m Tanya!” We’re so used to it though! :D The party was really sweet, with Tamara Dey’s new band performing and the stunning Nomuzi Mabena presenting. There were also delicious snacks (one of my favourite parts about any event) – little burgers and fries! The 4th Street Lightly Sparkled range is deliciously light and the perfect drink for a night out with the girls! The bottle is also...
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2 Aug

The latest from Smashbox

Last week I got to attend an amazing event at Roodebloem Studios in Woodstock. In the morning we were treated to a presentation on the new DKNY scent, My New York, as well as a few other magnificent fragrances. (Blog post to follow soon!) In the afternoon, after having an delicious lunch, we went to another studio where Smashbox's awesome products were on display. When I walked in and saw all the make-up I was legitimately concerned that someone would slip in my drool. It was like Smashbox heaven! Will, a Smashbox expert from LA (who was born in SA - because he's cool like that) spoke to us about all the latest products. He also showed us a video to help us...
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20 Jun

Loving Zuri Jewellery

About two weeks ago I walked into a Zuri for the first time, and the experience was magical. I felt like Aurora when she visited Maleficent in the woods for the first time. One of my favourite items, and sadly I don’t have a picture of it, was the insect necklace. I know it sounds weird, but it was so beautifully quirky! I ended up buying these earrings. I love them because they go perfectly with my whole Glitz and Grammar theme. I was invited to attend the 2014 Face of Zuri finals, but couldn’t make it due to work obligations. Zuri decided not to go with professional models, but to rather use real women for their store displays. “We were delighted to get...
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