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19 Jan

All about 91 Loop

If you want to see an epic debate, just ask any Capetonian what their favourite street is to party in the CBD. Is Harrington cooler than Long? Kloof trendier than Bree? It depends on who you ask. Personally I’d rather lick an ashtray than go out in Long Street, but that’s because I am actually a 70-year old in a 24-year-old’s body.

Loop Street is filled with some of the coolest businesses in the city (okay, maybe I’m a bit biased because I used to work there). But for some reason, even though it’s wedged between Long and Bree Street, it doesn’t have that many places to jol. That’s why I jumped at the chance to visit 91 Loop. Well, that, and the fact that I heard they have pizza.

So what is 91 Loop? Yoh, where do I even begin. It’s first and foremost a boutique hostel. I was invited to stay over for the night, and I’m going to be honest – I had my reservations. My 70-year-old soul isn’t that keen on sharing with other people.

But I was super impressed when I saw how trendy, well-organised and tidy all the rooms are. We slept over in one of the private rooms, which had a bed so huge, I needed a GPS to get out of it.



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What really drew my attention, however, was the pod room. This is essentially a room within a room – “roomception”, if you may. Each pod comes with a comfy bed, clean linen, a safe and an easy-to-reach plug point for your phone or laptop. It’s so well designed that I can’t actually believe it only costs R200 per night. This means that you can sleep over in one of the most beautiful cities in the world without robbing a bank. Amazing, right?





If the pod experience isn’t for you, you can book one of the dorms. There’s a 4-bed (Bed: R240 p/n or Room: R900 p/n), 6-bed (Bed: R220 p/n or Room: R1200 p/n) and 8-bed experience (Room: R1425 p/n or Bed: R200 p/n). Gather your besties and book out a whole room for you!

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91 Loop is the perfect place to sleep over when you’re travelling to Cape Town with your friends, or when you live outside Cape Town and have an event in the CBD. (By ‘event’ I mean ‘getting dronk’, of course.) Oh, and did I mention that the price includes a continental breakfast? It just keeps getting better, I know!

21So what else can you do at 91 Loop? Well, firstly they have a restaurant and bar where you can get your drank on with friends while munching on a burger or pizza. This part of 91 Loop is called The Honeybadger, and can be found on the corner of Loop Street and Long Market Street. It’s open to the public as well as the hostel guests, so if you’re looking for a place to have pre-drinks before heading out it’s perfect. Centrally located and well-priced, it doesn’t get much better.







Like a true hobbit, I value no meal more than breakfast. Therefore I was very chuffed to find out that 91 Loop also has a coffee shop, On Long Market. This coffee shop’s entrance is on Long Market street, of course. (Thanks, you may call me Captain Obvious from now on.) This is also open to the public, and the charming open plan layout will make you feel you right at home.






91 Loop also sports an impressive events calendar; with everything from movie nights to beer pong. If you’re looking for something to do, join them for the following events:

19 January: Board Game night (

20 January: Beer pong + Free Pizza

21 January: Pub Crawl

23 January: Drinking Olympics


Basically there’s ALWAYS something going on there, and everything is open to the public. A little birdie also told me that a spa is coming soon… So no matter what your vibe is; 91 Loop pretty much has it all.

If none of this is enough to motivate you to visit, then maybe this YouTube video will do the trick. The Honey Badger bar and restaurant was named after this, and I don’t know about you, but I think the world needs more people who’ll name their business ventures after hilarious YouTube videos.

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