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9 Aug

5 Beauty Products I Am Loving At The Moment

 Morgan Taylor

Things I despise:

  1. Waiting for my nails to dry. (More on this later.)
  2. Chipped nail polish.
  3. Having to soak my nails for 26 years to remove glitter nail polish. (And considering amputation.)

So this polish by Morgan Taylor (named Ice Queen Maybe) is right up my alley, because it dries very quickly. And when it chips – it’s not very obvious, because the colour blends so well with your natural nail. Moreover, even though it’s a shimmery – it doesn’t stick to your nail and the polish is so easy to remove.

All of their shades are beautiful though, and they’re also available in minis. So cute! Shop them on Zando here.

Aloe Unique Gel Mask

I was introduced to Aloe Unique in a press drop earlier this year. I’ll admit that I was very sceptical when I started using it. My experience with aloe-based products has not been too great – I’ve always found the smell very overpowering.

But guys, this is such an incredible product. I have a very sensitive skin, and I have to be very careful with the products I apply to it. This Gel Mask not only smells amazing, it’s also incredibly smooth and applies like a dream. My skin always feels soft and squeaky clean after using it.

Most importantly: it’s budget-friendly! R108 and shoppable online.

Label.m Rejuvenating Radiance Oil

It’s obvious how much I love this product. I’ve always had very dry and coarse hair – even in periods when I don’t straighten or colour it. This product has been my saviour over and over again. I apply it to my hair from my ears down (never the roots) after every wash. It’s an absolute must in my haircare routine and has made a visible difference to my hair’s quality in the year that I’ve used it. Yes, this bottle has lasted me a whole year! Price: R610

Shop it on Scar.

L.A. Girl Hi-Lite

It’s cheap, it’s efficient and it’s available at Dis-Chem – so you can just add this bad boy to your cart when you pick up medication. (I’m the queen of “going to get medication” and leaving with the whole store.) This is probably the only highlighter you’ll ever find that’s under R60 and still does a good job!

Revlon Quick Dry Spray

Like I said at the beginning of my article: I LOATHE waiting for my nails to dry. I always develop a wee 2 seconds after applying it, or I get hungry, or I suddenly have to scratch a body part that never, ever itches. This spray has CHANGED MY LIFE. Seriously, it sets your nails in seconds and even though your nails aren’t 100% dry – they’re dry enough to not stop your whole life. Shop it on Takealot for R99.


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