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22 Feb

Things That Make Me Happy

I think we’re all pretty well acquainted with the things that make me sad. So I’ve decided to write an article about the things that make me happy.

1.The smell of a braai on a summer’s night

I live for going to the beach, having a sunkissed skin and wearing sundresses. But my absolute favourite part about summer is that lekker smell of braai that fills the air at dusk.

2. Dogs

Dogs make everything better in life. I hate going to the petrol station, so I used to take my Jack Russell with me just to make the trip better. 10/10 would recommend.

Unfortunately I can’t have a dog at my flat, but I am a problem-solver and that’s why I like to go to the promenade to hang out with other people’s dogs.

3. Seeing someone stumble

I find it hilarious when I fall, and I find it hilarious when other people fall. I’ll only withhold laughter if you’re hurt, but if you’re fine – best believe you’ll hear my witchiest cackle.

4. Granola and yoghurt

Yoghurt on its own tastes like sweet snot, and granola on its own makes me feel like a goat. But together = the most underrated food combo.

5. Living in my panties

Last year I stayed in a houseshare for a few months, and the thing I missed most was walking around in my underwear/pyjamas/wearing my hair in an oily bun/privacy in general. Since moving into our new place, I come home from work – remove my jeans and live my best life. It’s made me a better person.

6. Watching Born To Die

Whenever I have a bad day, I watch Born To Die. The cinematography is so incredibly beautiful that it always puts me in a good mood.

7. Ridding my life of any warm raisins

It’s been 3 months since I’ve accidentally consumed a warm raisin. This makes me happier than it should.

8. Applying a new lipstick for the first time

When you open a new lipstick and it’s still perfectly symmetrical, and it slides over your lips for the first time…

9. Parallel parking

I hate parallel parking, but I love nailing a spot that I thought I’d never manage to get into.

10. Stabbing a microwave meal with a fork

“Pierce film before microwaving”

Cool, don’t mind me while I STAB IT.

11. Applying nail polish to my whole finger

I love applying nail polish to my whole finger and then removing the excess while I’m in the shower/after I’ve done dishes. There’s something so satisfying about krapping off the little pieces on the sides of your nail.

12. Any form of a sale

Was: R55

Now: R50


13. Driving down new streets in areas I’ve been to a million times

I’m like a permanent tourist in Cape Town, because I get super amped about going to new places and driving down new streets. I’ve been living in the Greenpoint/Seapoint area for 2 years now, yet the other day we drove down a street in our area I’d never been in before. And I was SO excited because it reminded me of California, which is second on my bucketlist. (New York is first.)

#TBT To California nights. Jk, this is Cape Town.

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14. Finishing an article

Nothing makes me feel like a bad bitch like finishing an article. For a long time I had no lus for writing, or coming up with ideas for articles. So I feel especially proud of myself when I finish one these days.

15. The smell of a new book

What’s a Kindle?

16. Hanging out with myself

“Anja, what are you doing this weekend?”




17. Plucking a hair from a mole

I imagine this is what ecstasy feels like.

18. “Mark all as read”


19. Poo stories/jokes/anything poop-related, really

Honestly, just typing the word ‘poo’ brought joy into my life.

20. Swimming

I LOVE swimming in the ocean, and I’ve been known to brave the waters of Llandudno in a bikini. But it only takes one dark shadow in the water for me to either get the hell out of the water, or to start swimming like a dog.

In December we went to Port Elizabeth, and I’d never been there before so I was a nervous wreck about the creatures that lurk in the water. (There’s nothing.) Yet when we went to Sardinia Bay and a piece of seaweed touched my leg, I nearly caused an oil spill.

Then a few weeks after that, we went to Beaverlac and I was super keen to swim in the rockpools. Until we actually got there and I saw how dark the water is…

This is the photo I posted on Instagram.

That time we took a pineapple float to Beaverlac and everyone loved us.

A post shared by Anja Wintour (@anjawintour) on

This is how I swam when I fell out of my lilo.


What makes you happy?

Anja Wintour

avds9[email protected]

  • Lydia

    We went to Beaverlac in December, we took our dog (Pepsi). She spent her days floating on a lilo. While sitting in the rocky bits (on the side of the waterfally thing) the dude next to me casually caught a SNAKE and removed it from the water. Less than 30cm away from me. Ek het myself so bekak ek het nie weer geswem nie.

    Snakes not not make me happy, but the thought of our dog looking like a queen on a lilo does.

    February 22, 2017 at 10:16 am Reply
  • Niecole Smit

    Hahahahahaha I love your posts!
    I absolutely LOVE dogs (animals) as you know, and my Yuki makes me so happy. Moving soon so then I’m going to miss her sweet face :(.
    Also love the smell of books, and I don’t necessarily remove hairs from moles, but you know that one chin hair you get? That one that sprouts from flippen nowhere! I LOVE plucking that baby 🙂

    Dankie vir jou beautiful blog Anja!

    February 22, 2017 at 10:23 am Reply
  • Moira Meiring

    Warm raisin hahaahaha sies man siesssss

    February 23, 2017 at 9:39 am Reply

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