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Parallel parking for the first time in 2 months didn’t go so well hey. 🤭

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15 Aug

How I’m getting through the last of winter

It’s that time of the year, folks. Gatvol time of the year. I-don’t-want-to-get-up-in-the-mornings time of the year. Sommer net nie lus nie time of the year. I’ve been in such a slump this past 2 weeks, partially because I have DISGUSTING allergies and have been drowning in phlegm. (I’m not sorry for oversharing) But also because this month has just been too damn long. I’m tired. I want it to be spring already. I want the weather to change and for the year to come to an end. Whenever I say this to people, they’re always like, “No man, Anja! It’s a sin to wish time away!” DON’T CARE I live for summer, and to me there’s actually just two periods in a year:...
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13 Aug

Second-hand doesn’t mean second best

I've been a bargain hunter my whole life. I remember as a kid my mom gave me the option of buying a few expensive pieces at Edgars, or a whole trolley full of clothes from Ackermans. I always chose the latter. 17 years later and I'm still exactly the same. I recently bought myself a pair of second-hand Miu Miu sunnies for R800, they retail for R2500. They're scratch-free, authentic and gorgeous. #WINNING! I also bought my car second-hand, and it looks and drives like a brand new car. I find it hilarious when people are like, "Eww, it's second hand. It must be gross." Honestly, if that's the mentality you have you can't complain about being broke. I'm here today to show you that...
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12 Aug

A letter to my childhood hero, Robin Williams

Dear Robin Williams, I know that when Ryan Dunn, Paul Walker and Cory Monteith died, a lot of people dismissed others who were sad about it. "Why are you sad, they're just celebrities?" I have not seen one single comment like this today, because you were much more than a film star to us. To me you were a kooky uncle who made my childhood very imaginative and creative. Ruaan and I used to LOVE the genie from Aladdin, our poor VCR was probably so tired of playing that tape over and over again. And don't even get me started on Jumanji. My mom had to replace our underwear every time we watched that movie. Mrs. Doubtfire was...
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5 Aug

5 Things I want a t-shirt for

There are certain things that I feel really strongly about. So strongly, in fact, that I want to get it printed on a t-shirt.I really want a t-shirt that says: 1. Blaas jou fokken neus My idea of Chinese Torture is being put in a room with someone who doesn't believe in tissues.I will reveal my country's biggest secrets in a heartbeat if it means escaping the torment of hearing someone snort and sniff. 2. Cover your cookah Nee, it is not okay to wear a t-shirt as a dress. It is also not okay to wear tights as pants...
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2 Aug

8 Things only people with jobs will understand

Listen here, I am so tired of apologising for not being able to attend events or for not replying to WhatsApps. I have this little thing called a JOB, which kinda takes up 90% of my day, so it's not that I'm being rude. I'm just busy. I find myself commiserating with other 8 to 5ers all the time. Often when we get together we just bitch about the following things: 1. Your WhatsApp is important to us They should call it WhatSAP, because it saps all of the energy out of me. I really want to reply to your WhatsApp, I do. But when I’m in the middle of a meeting or stressing my arse off about a big project, answering your “What are...
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