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10 Sep

My New Flat

Last month I wrote about my decision to move to a new apartment. It was one of my most personal blogs to date, and I was overwhelmed by the beautiful response I got from it. I received so many messages from people who were/have been in the same boat as me. This is an excerpt from an email someone sent me: “These days you feel pressured into having to have that extra glass of wine with a bestie to have it it slip out that you are not happy so someone else can just say I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! And the next day you continue to Adult with a hangover but you still don't feel like you have "got this". How true is...
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31 Aug

8 Times I Completely Fail At Being a Girl

1. Curling my hair As mentioned in my recent vlog, I have no clue how to curl my hair with a curling iron or GHD. I have watched many videos where girls made it seem super easy. But, alas, I wasn't meant for the curling life. 2. Wearing G-Strings I only tried it once and it felt like there was something stuck in my bum the whole day. I would rather have a pantyline than spend the whole day feeling like I have a wedgie. 3. Talking like a lady I always try my best to look like a lady, but I can't be arsed to speak like one. 4. Finding toilet humour distasteful This one time I posted a video of an iguana farting in a bath, and I...
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25 Aug

Fuck thigh gaps

Yesterday when the #Twitpicyourthighs trended on Twitter, I knew that it was time for me to write this blog post. Not a day goes by that I don't see girls tweeting about their thigh gaps like they're their lovers. "My thigh gap is back!" or "Thank God I still have my thigh gap" are just some of the things I see. I never knew that I was supposed to covet thigh gaps until I got Internet. Huh? A gap between my legs is something I need to aspire to? WUT? I've always been relatively lean – yes, at varsity a got a little bit of first year spread (I'm not sorry), but for the most part I've always looked...
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