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11 Feb

Pet Crush: Stella

I first saw this cute face on Instagram, and was immediately in love because she looks just like Dobby!

Her owner, Ina-Mari from Sew and Such, really loves her. But I mean she really, really loves her. It’s so evident in this interview, that it  made me a bit teary. Her love for Stella reminds me of my love for Jack – my childhood Jack Russell who passed away last year.


But who couldn’t love that face?!

Find out more about little Stella here.

1. I’ve just been calling her Dobby in my mind, but what’s her real name and what made you decide on it?

We are huge Seinfeld fans and seeing this bit of Elaine doing A Streetcar Named Desire’s “Stellaaaaaa” was just the funniest thing ever.

After watching it a million times the name kind of stuck and we decided when we get a dog, she’ll be named Stella. Everyone calls her Stellie and she’s only Stella when she’s done something naughty!

Sometimes we (lovingly, I promise) refer to her as Goofball, Tuna or Loose Cannon, because she really is either very imaginative or completely crazy.

2. What’s her favourite food? (If she’s allowed human food)

This little worm eats everything! Our kitchen is downstairs and we eat upstairs – the moment you turn around in the kitchen she flies up the stairs and waits for you on the couch. Then she would squish in right next to you, put her little paw on your leg and just sit there and wait. It kills me every time! When she’s in her loose cannon-mode and keeps chasing birds down the street, the only way I get her to come inside is by yelling “Snackie!”. Definitely raising a comfort eater over here.


3. What’s the grossest thing she’s ever done?

She ate old poop once! And then when I freaked out and started yelling and running towards her, she thought this was just the! A poop-snack and Mom chasing me around the yard, best!

4. What would she say if she could talk?

I drop her off at my mom’s when I leave for work. My mom has 3 sausage dog friends for Stella, so we jokingly refer to it as the crèche. When I fetch her in the evenings she makes the cutest sounds, it sounds like she’s complaining but also telling me about her whole day in one breath.


I think she would have the sweetest little girl voice, but would never stop talking.


5. Dogs are awesome, but they have no shame. Has she ever embarrassed you in front of other people?

Oh my word, we visited friends and she peed and pooped on every carpet. The have laminated floors, she could’ve done her business ANYWHERE else, but no, she went around looking for the nice fluffy carpets.


6. If you could compare her personality to a Game Of Thrones character, who would it be?

I would like to think she’s like Arya. She’s so brave (sometimes too brave when she’s barking at Rottweilers). She’s also very loyal to those that are good to her. If she doesn’t like you, she’ll add you to the list of people she has to nibble and lick to death. She’s very independent, but she still prefers having you around.

7. What do you think she would say about Miley Cyrus’ life choices?

Stella is all for having your tongue anywhere but in your own mouth. She’s a big fan of licking things like faces, walls and blankets, and even though she also hates wearing clothes, she thinks someone should take Miley’s reward-snacks away for a while.


8. What’s the fondest memory you have of her so far?

Stella was given away when she was just a pup because her owners moved. She ended up at a house where we think she had a very tough time. So my friend’s mom phoned us and said she can’t let this puppy stay there, and asked if we wanted to take her.

I was so excited but very scared that she wouldn’t like us. That night she made turns sleeping either on my husband’s head or right next to me. I couldn’t believe how much I loved this little goofball only after a few hours.

When I fetch her in the evenings, she wants to be picked up and after scratching her ears for a while she will fall asleep in my arms with her head in my neck. I won’t ever get enough of that feeling! When Iwan gets home and Stella hears his car, she would run to the front door and start crying. To see how excited the two of them are when he opens that door is so heartwarming that it makes it okay that I’m always second on the greeting-list. 😉


  • Naeemah

    Cuteness overload *cries*

    February 12, 2014 at 8:22 am Reply
  • Charlene

    She is the cutest thing ever!!! ❤️

    February 25, 2014 at 1:19 pm Reply
  • Sandy

    oooh I can relate , Barnbee-fowl is the absolute reason I live and breath – no exagerato !Even though his breath is a bit smelly its like creepily my favorite smell (cyber blush) …Barnabee has unique fears , he is scared of the sound his bowl makes when it rubs against the floor so he will strek his little bod out like an earth work on a pavement , keeping as far away from his bowl as possible while still trying to eat the numnums. He is massive scared of black bags and also anything with lights aka cell phone , tv remote cars… He is not scared of : cat poop, barking at a bird for 3 hours , the hoover, food , pit bulls / Rotties/ double headed dragons and tea bagging ( dont google it ) …. I love my dog he is like the raddest kid I know , i love him more than any one in the world -> which is what i wrote in my mother xmas card.

    April 16, 2015 at 12:57 pm Reply

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