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28 Jan

Pet crush 3: Cleocatra

I am a little bit obsessed with squint animals. There’s something so incredibly endearing about their little crazy eyes!

When Tammy tweeted me this pic of her squint cat, my heart melted!


And you guys all know that I love toilet humour – when I heard that Cleocatra loves surprising people in the toilet I knew that this pet crush was meant to be.

Find out more about this crazy cat below.

1. What is your cat’s name, and what made you decide on it?

Her name is Cleocatra, Cleo for short. Or Clee Clee. Siamese cats have a shared history with the Egyptians, I believe Queen Cleopatra owned a few and I love play-on-words, hence Cleocatra.

2. What kind of breed is she?

She is a bi-colour Siamese.

3. I am a little bit obsessed with her crazy eyes – has she always been squint?

Yes, she arrived squint. We bought her from a breeder in Bloemfontein and she flew here all by herself in the cargo hold. The breeder didn’t tell us about her being squint, maybe she thought we wouldn’t take her. We don’t mind, it goes with her dopey character.

4. What’s the grossest thing she’s ever done?

I wish you were doing this interview with our other cat Ninja because he is pretty disgusting. Cleo is quite a lady actually and the only gross things she does involve puke. Oh wait, yes now I remember, she has puked on my fiancĆ©eĀ while we were sleeping.

5. What do you think she would say to you if she could talk?

She is still getting over the fact that she is no longer an only child. Was pretty upset about that, stopped talking to us for 3 weeks. My fiancĆ©eĀ thinks she would say ‘spoilt child’ things.
“Mooooooooooooooooommmmmmmm stop feeding Dad all the tuna and leave some for me”
“You know I only eat Woolies ham, what is this Pick n Pay stuff?! Who are you trying to fool?”
“No, I will not get our of the fresh laundry so you can fold it, diving through the laundry is my favourite thing”
“Where is my Evian water? What kind of animal drinks from a bowl of tap water?!”

6. Do you ever give her catnip, and how does she react to it?

We have catnip in a spray bottle which I like to spray on her cat stand/scratcher. She LOVES it! Once I spray it on she jumps up and starts rubbing herself on it, mostly with her face. Rolls around on it and just loves life.


7. If you could compare her personality to that of a celebrity, whose would it be?

Definitely Ke$ha. She is sweet and cuddly one second, then the next will bite you and run around the house like her tail is on fire. Very unpredictable. She also throws up a lot.

8. I know that cats have really weird habits when it comes to sleeping – where is her favourite place to sleep? And does she ever sleep on your bed and hog 90% of it?

In winter she loves sleeping under the duvet with us. Even when we get out of bed she will spend the day sleeping under the duvet by herself. She also sleeps in-between us so we can’t cuddle without including her. Her favourite spot though is on my fiancĆ©’sĀ Ā legs, in the crook of his knees. If it’s winter she will do it under the duvet and if its summer she just lies on top of him.

9. What’s the fondest memory you have of her? (So far)

The day we picked her up from the cattery after being away over Christmas in 2012. I have never seen a happier cat! It’s almost like she thought we hadĀ abandonedĀ her. We had to hug her firmly and stroke her at the same time while she purred louder than ever and meowed the entire way home. She was so happy to see us!
Big thanks to Tammy and her fiancĆ©eĀ for these cute answers! Follow their journey on Instagram.
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