I’m a strong independent woman…who lives with her parents

There are certain things in life that I don’t understand. Why is the plural of house not hice? Why is white gold so expensive when it looks like silver? And of course: Why is it weird that I live with my parents?

People are forever asking me why I live in Paarl with my parents. The short answer: Because I like it, you nosy assnugget.


The long answer:

I lived in Kloof Street while studying in Cape Town, and after graduating I got a job in Bellville. It just made more sense to move home and drive from there, especially as my salary didn’t allow for an apartment.

If you’re thinking,”Why didn’t you just ask your parents to pay your rent?”, YOU are what’s wrong with our generation.

I believe in paying for everything myself. It’s the only way that you’ll ever learn self discipline and respect. If you’re constantly asking your parents for money you’ll never learn how to stand on your own feet, or to appreciate everything you have.

But back to my story. I left my job in Bellville after 9 months, because I was terribly unhappy. I left my job and started a new one in the CBD two days later.

I started taking the business express train, which is super larney. The train takes an hour to get to town and is really fancy. We sommer get coffee and a newspaper on the train!

Everything happened so fast, and it was such a convenient solution that I never even considered moving back to town again.

I’m saving a lot of money at home, and though I have an awesome job that pays more than my first one, I still can’t bring myself to cough all that money up for an apartment.

But here’s what really grates my nipples. People always assume that because I live at home I’m dependent on my parents.

Though I absolutely love my parents, I am far from dependent on them.

I pay for my own cellphone contract, my car, my petrol, my study loan, life insurance, train fare, clothes and all that grownup shit.


I am 23 years old. Most of my friends are still studying and getting money from their parents. (No judgies to them – it’s not their fault they’re shit broke.)

I am pretty proud of the life I have built for myself thus far. I am even considering buying myself a new car with MY hard earned money.

I know a lot of people who live on their own who still ask their parents for money, or whose parents pay their rent.

There’s so much more to independence than doing things on your own.

I am a strong independent woman, who lives with her parents! *Finger snap*


I love living at home with my puppies and family.

My mom and I watch America’s Next Top Model and swear together.


My dad builds guitars and listens to Black Sabbath.

Most of the time it’s like living in a student digs.

Oneday I’ll move out. But for now I’m building an empire for myself.

From my mother’s couch.