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29 Jun

Go Beauty – Book a beauty appointment in seconds

I live a very busy life, and I don’t always have the time to book beauty appointments. As a result I sometimes end up with mad scientist eyebrows.


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I’m constantly on my phone, and I love apps that simplify my life. So I was very excited to discover the GoBeauty App which allows you to book appointments on the go.

How does it work?

Well, it’s powered by WeChat, so the first thing you need to do is to install WeChat on your phone.


Open We Chat, click on the + in the right hand corner, tap on “Add Account” and choose GoBeautySA. You will now be able to access the GoBeauty Map to see which spas are in your area.


The great thing is that you can narrow it down to the type of treatment you’re looking for – everything from nails to massages. I skipped the massage part completely, because we all know how I feel about spas.


Once you’ve narrowed it down, you can tap on the spa you want to go to and choose the treatment from the drop down list.



It’s super easy, but more importantly: IT’S FREE!

So who can download it? Well, basically everyone in the 21st century.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 4.59.48 PM

I wasn’t satisfied with writing a post about the GoBeauty app without trying it out myself, so last weekend I booked an appointment with Avara Spa for a mani and pedi. It was super easy – I followed all the steps above and once I booked my appointment, I got an SMS to confirm my appointment.

For someone who hates talking to strangers over the phone, this is pretty much the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time.

Check out my mani from Avara below, and be sure to download the app!


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