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14 Jul

Hisense Maxe X1 phablet review

Okay mense, before I continue with this review, let me just clarify what a phablet is. I've gotten so many giggles when talking about my Hisense Maxe X1 phablet. I think that most people think that it's just me pronouncing "tablet" with a phlekker phlisp. A phablet is not quite big enough to be a tablet, but it's also not small enough to just be a phone. So, the term "phablet" was born. Let me tell you what my first impression of the Hisense Maxe X1 phablet was: "Holy moly - it's HUGE." But much like Iggy Azalea's beautiful behind, once you get over the size, you realise that there's more to it. The things that I find the most attractive about the Hisense Maxe X1 phablet: A. It...
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15 Nov

Things I wish I had an app for

An app that measures your crush's profile pic to see how tall he is. This is probably only useful if you're a giant like me. I'm so tired of having to go through every single Facebook photo my crush has, just to figure out if he's tall or not. I need an app for that shit. An app that notifies you when you have lipstick on your teeth. Hey, so you know those girls whose lipstick is always impeccable? I'm not one of them. Even when I'm not wearing lipstick, I still get lipstick on my teeth. Seriously. I just need an app to save me from my embarrassing life. An app that notifies you when a high school bully has gotten fat. Oh wait,...
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