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I hate winter so much that even seeing people’s photos of it gives me the blues.

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5 Mar

Meet AnonaMiss Beauty Emporium. You’re welcome.

Last year I dip-dyed my hair for the first time, and I've been obsessed with it ever since. Initially I was terrified of it, because I was so scared that I'd hate it, or that I wouldn't be able to get it out of my hair. Luckily for me, Manic Panic hairdye, which is sold by the awesome ladies at AnonaMiss Beauty Emporium, is FREAKING AMAZING. No guys, you have no idea how amazing this product is. Seriously. Let me tell you why it is awesome: - It isn't harmful to your hair, as it's vegan. My hairdresser told me that any hairdye that doesn't cover grey hair isn't harmful to your hair - so you won't go bald when you YOLO with all...
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4 Mar

Thanks Minimax Cinema, no thanks Pompeii

A while ago Minimax, our local cinema in Paarl, invited me to visit them. They'd found out that I have a shameless crush on Kit Harrington and wanted me to see his six-pack in 3D. I have been going to Minimax since the age of 9. I still have a diary in which I wrote about watching Josie and The Pussycats with my besties without adult supervision, and how grown up it had made me feel! I watched Mean Girls there, the movie which basically changed my life. I also went on the sweetest high school dates there - watching everything from The Chronicles of Narnia to Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince with my nervous boyfriends. The...
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4 Mar

Bobbi Brown Ballerina Shimmer and BB Cream review

A while ago Bobbi Brown ran a super cool competition where you could win a Bobbi Brown Shimmer finish lipstick if you went into store, tested a lipstick and kissed a card. I went to the Bobbi Brown in Edgars at Tyger Valley to kiss a card - it was so much fun! The shop assistants were very nice and eager to help me. One of their assistants, Lisia, even gave me a super quick makeup trial where I immediately fell in love with their BB Cream and eye cream. I'll review the eye cream at a later stage when my purse allows, but I simply had to review the Bobbi Brown Shimmer lipstick and BB Cream. Okay, so I used to hate...
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23 Feb

Inglot Colourplay Mascara Review

Last year I spent ages looking for the perfect blue mascara. Most blue mascaras are completely invisible on my lashes, so it was quite hard to find one that popped. Then I found out about Inglot's Colourplay range, and it changed everything! This mascara is absolutely incredible. I only use waterproof mascara, and was so chuffed to find out that the blue I liked is also waterproof. The mascara lasts the whole day, is easy to apply and most importantly: IT'S SUPER VISIBLE! Yaaaay! Everytime I wear it I get compliments. (And you all know how much I love those!) The really great part about this mascara is that because it makes such a statement, you don't have to wear eyeliner with it. It costs...
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3 Feb

Basilico, the pizza and pasta heaven

This weekend I visited Basilico in Newlands with one of my best friends. I'd been looking forward to it the whole week, and I wasn't disappointed. They have the most epic pizzas ever. Like, it's the kind of pizzas that people write poems about. In fact, I even wrote a pizza poem for them. Basilico, Basilico your pizza made my heart go thud thud thud as I ate each slice like a dude. The salami made me smile the Waterford wine was worth my while. The thin crust  is a total must. Thanks for being so great, and not judging me for the way I ate. Okay so it's a kak poem, but the pizza was great, I promise. And it went down especially well with the Waterford Chenin Blanc. I drove all...
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