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27 Apr

How I have long hair again thanks to Easihair Pro and Style Bar

Let me tell you a little story about myself. I started dyeing my hair when I was 13. I dyed it chocolate brown when I went to high school, and in standard 7 I decided to dye my hair pitchblack because I wanted to look like Ashlee Simpson. kleberly.com I didn't. I looked like a high school dropout who had dreams of going to beauty school, but couldn't make it. www.tumblr.com So from standard 8 onwards I highlighted my hair again, until I went to varsity and the whole cycle started over again. At varsity I dyed it brown, then red, then blonde again. After that whole debacle I vowed to never go back to brown again. But...
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22 Jan

Brenaissance: The Gem of Devon Valley

There's nothing like discovering an awesome place that's been in your hood for a few years. How is it possible that you missed it? That's how I felt when I visited Brenaissance over the weekend. Set just outside Stellenbosch in Devon Valley, this beautiful farm ticks all the boxes: pizza, excellent wine, entertainment for the kids and Instagram-ble scenery. I had the honour of meeting the owners of the farm, Tom and Hayley Breytenbach, who made Nichol and myself feel right at home. Listening to them talk about the farm three things became evident: they are excellent entrepreneurs, are incredibly passionate about what they do, but most importantly: they are unpretentious. That's why it's so easy to feel at home there. Whether you're a...
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3 Nov

5 Reasons why you should cancel your plans and go to Col’cacchio tonight

There are few things in this world that make my heart beat faster than pizza. The crust. The cheese. The carbs. THE LOVE. *Swoooooon* Last week I was invited to visit Col'cacchio in Franschhoek as a "date night". This was my face when I opened my email and saw "date night": www.sodahead.com I ended up taking my best friend, Nichol, with me. He is one of the only people I know who feels the same about pizza as me. I think you all know this already, but Col'cacchio is the shit. And here's why: 1. They have excellent wine options WHAT IS BETTER THAN WINE WITH PIZZA? Niks nie, dis wat. We had this delicious Shiraz from Place in the Sun and it went so well with the Basil McBeefy! 2. You can...
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7 Oct

WIN 6 x IPL mini zone sessions at Legs 11 (CLOSED)

I've only heard good things about Legs Eleven from fellow bloggers and beauty editors. If you’re not familiar with Legs Eleven – they specialise in the latest permanent hair removal, anti-ageing and slimming treatments. Offering word-class, beauty technology at an affordable price, Legs eleven is recognised as Cape Towns most loved and trusted destination for beautiful, smooth and youthful skin. They also offer ENDERMOLIFT - a technique that replenishes the skin and decreases the signs of aging. It'll basically make you look like Brumilda van Rensburg. (My dream!) Unfortunately I'm unable to review these awesome treatments, as I'm still using Oratane until December. If you want to read more about why I'm using Oratane - check out this blog post. For those of you who are on Roaccutane/Oratane, don't...
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5 Sep

Oral-B Pro-Expert review week 1

I’m very excited to be one of the Oral-B official bloggers for the month of September! After spending years wearing retainers and braces, I feel like I’ve actually been and Oral-B brand ambassador since 2003. Seriously though, guys. My poor parents could probably have bought another house with all the money they put into dentists. And my teeth are still not that “American girl” perfect, but guess who also doesn’t have perfect teeth?   The queen herself, Kate Moss. Trump card THROWN. I’m going to be reviewing the new Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste over the next few weeks.  What you need to know about Oral-B Pro-Expert: - It has a stabilised Stannous fluoride complex - It combats plaque, gum problems, cavities, tooth sensitivity and bad breath - The fluoride helps strengthen...
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