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22 Mar

A rant about motorists

Last year only 10% of my life was spent on the road when I occasionally drove to Paarl to visit my family, or to the Waterfront to do some angry shopping. (If you ever see me there, don’t talk to me or make eye contact, you will die.) This year I started a new job that requires me to drive a lot more. I drive against traffic most of the time, but the N1 has still unleashed a hell fire in my soul that I needed to release here. Buckle up, here comes an epic rant. If your car is expensive you never have to indicate If your car is expensive, you don’t have to indicate when changing lanes. You don’t even have to...
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3 Mar

Oscars Red Carpet Rant Pt. 2

You guys liked my Oscars Red Carpet Rant so much (I don’t know why), that I decided to do an Oscars After Party rant for you too. Here you go. Emma Roberts Image via www.elle.com EWW IT LOOKS LIKE SPIDERS! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF! www.tumblr.com Zooey Deschanel Image via www.elle.com Right kids, it’s time for an unpopular opinion: I find Zooey Deschanel really annoying. The whole “I’m so quirky” thing is great and everything, but this is the Oscars. Why does your dress look like you stole it from a three-year-old and sewed weed patches on it? WE GET IT, YOU’RE INDIE. Sit down now. Freida Pinto Image via http://www.elle.com/ The dress isn't...
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1 Mar

2016 Oscars Red Carpet Rant

I have never been a fan of the Oscars, purely because I feel that it is almost as rigged at The Loeries. It’s also a very lengthy award ceremony, and my attention span is too short to enjoy it. But the one thing the Oscars ceremonies have always delivered is beautiful couture. I remember drooling over the back page of Die Huisgenoot as a kid, hoping I will grow up to be as glamorous as the women on the red carpet. But let’s be honest, 2016 was not the best year in terms of Oscars fashion. Actually it was not the year for anything Oscars-related. *Cough* Racism *Cough* These are the outfits that made me go: “MONEY GROWS ON YOUR BACK, DRESS LIKE...
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17 Feb

2016 Grammy Awards Red Carpet Rant

Guys, it is with the greatest pleasure that I bring you my 2016 Grammy Awards Red Carpet Rant.   Johnny Depp Right, I'll be the one to say it. Johnny Depp looks like a felon turned fisherman who thinks that craft beer is for pussies. Embed from Getty Images   Andra Day I once bought a moss green nail polish at a Clicks sale (damn, I can't resist those), but it was actually really sies I took it off 10min after applying it. This is what the cotton wool looked like afterwards. Embed from Getty Images LL Cool J I actually just want to know who keeps inviting LL Cool J to events. Embed from Getty Images Bonnie Mckee "Welcome to the Hunger Games!" Embed from Getty Images Cam This whole outfit put me in the mood for Macaroni and...
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