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5 Jun

My Amanda Bynes Intervention

Anja van der Spuy Leopard Palace Wintour Wonderland 777 Amanda Bynes 7 Hot Mess Street Crazy Town 666 WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO YOU Dear Amanda Bynes, I hope you're well. Haha, what am I even saying. I know you're not. I just don't understand what happened to you. One minute you were the coolest girl in the world, and the next you were batshit crazy. Look, I'm all for jamming with your clam out and letting your freak flag fly, but your downward spiral has got to stop at some point. I remember when I was in high school (something you probably don't even remember attending), I used to watch The Amanda Show in the afternoons and think to myself: This is who I want to be when I grow up. You were...
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