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I hate winter so much that even seeing people’s photos of it gives me the blues.

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1 Apr

Donate a brick in the wall to keep Uitsig Animal Rescue’s animals alive

Guys, you know me. I'm a total animal freak and about 90% of my Internet life is spent looking at puppies and funny cats. I recently found out that Uitsig Animal Rescue and Lucky Lucy have been given notice to vacate the smallholding they're currently using to take care of over 500 and 200 animals respectively. I've been to Uitsig Animal Rescue and I can tell you that every single one of those cats and dogs know what love is. None of them look abused/sad/defeated. They all look super chipper and well-groomed, and most importantly: loved. Uitsig Animal Rescue has a rule that animals either get adopted, or grow old with the Uitsig team. They don't believe in euthanasia. Therefore they have a...
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30 Mar

Lovely Laborie

When people in Cape Town find out that I travel from Paarl to the CBD everyday, they're always shocked. How can I do such a thing? Why don't I just move to town? How do I cope living in such a "small town"? Okay firstly, Paarl really isn't small. It's much bigger than any of the suburbs in Cape Town. Secondly, this is the reason why I live in Paarl. Though I absolutely love Cape Town and will move there in the future, Paarl has the three things I live for: fresh air, ample parking and LOTS of wine. My friends and I go to wine farms every weekend - from Vrede en Lust to Spice Route. Recently we've been enjoying Laborie's gorgeous garden...
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23 Mar

The phases of PMS – a pictorial

I am a colossal bitch when I have PMS. I spend 70% of my time plotting the demise of others, and the other 30% trying to find something that doesn't make me feel morbidly obese. I usually don't give a shit about my weight, but during PMS week I want to van Gogh my stomach. Everything I wear is ill-fitting and uncomfortable. And during PMS week I am like a chocolate bloodhound. I will find that blokkie chocolate you have hidden in your drawer and don't you DARE say no to me - I will key your car, bitch. Ja, so I kind of have a slight, minor problem controlling my emotions when I'm PMSing. And the worst is that I can't do...
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18 Mar

The last of summer

A while ago I took these photos for Style GF, Media 24's latest mobi magazine. The editor, Taugheedah, used to be Seventeen's Fashion Ed, which means that this mobi magazine will definitely be SUPER AWESOME. It's totally free to subscribe to it, and the magazine has all the latest fashion trends from SA's coolest brands, including a local fashionista style diary. You can apply to be the featured fashionista by emailing Taugheedah on [email protected] These pics were taken on the last true summer days. Why can't it just be summer forever?! Shoes: Tomy Takkies Necklace: Amazon Top and skirt: Mr Price Sunglasses: Lundun...
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18 Mar

Hello Luna and Ziggy

Last year we went through a really bad time when our dog and best friend, Jack, passed away.It took us a whole year to get past it (not over it), but we finally decided to get two puppies. Yes, TWO. We decided to call them Luna (Lovegood) and Ziggy (Stardust). They've been living with us for a week and I am absolutely in love with them! They are the brightest bitches on the block. On their second day living with us they already started roaming the garden, digging holes and attacking moths. Ziggy is much darker than Luna, and Luna has a white nose, where Ziggy has a dark one. Their personalities are quite similar, except that Ziggy is more cautious than...
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