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24 May

Truworths Winter 2016

Let me tell you a little story about how I deal with winter: I don't. I am ALWAYS cold. Always. It makes it very hard for me to go about my routine, and even harder to look cute when I go out. Truworths recently approached me to view their Winter 2016 catalogue and to go choose some items in store. I was so very pleased to discover that they have a variety of beautiful and WARM coats and cardigans. It was the first thing I noticed when I walked into the store. They have coats in every colour - from grey to bright yellow (in the Ginger Mary section). It was a tough decision, but I opted for a pullover polo-neck jersey,...
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23 Mar


Even though I have been ranting about motorists, posting about my new MAC lipstick and giving career advice – I have been very quiet in terms of fashion posts. The reason for this is that I decided to do quality over quantity. I have never really classified myself as a fashion blogger, as my blog has too many themes to truly stick to one. But as my blog’s name states: I love a bit of glitz in my life. This year I decided to revamp my blog and relook the way I approach fashion posts. As a result I have teamed up with some talented photographers, such as Zel Archer and Grethe Rosseaux and now Vaughn Wright. Even though Vaughn and I work...
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28 Feb


Most of the shoots I have done until now have been quite light and airy, so when photographer Grethe Rosseaux and I were brainstorming for this one, I told her I'd like to do something darker. We got make-up artist, Sam Ellenberger, on-board and headed to Paarl Mountain for our shoot. The light in the forest had other ideas, however. Beautiful sunbeams shot through the trees, bathing us in soft light. We decided to go with it, and Sam used more earthy make-up shades for the earlier shots. As the sun set and the woods got a bit darker, so did my make-up. I am beyond pleased with the result of this shoot, and I can't thank Grethe, Sam and her husband, Bruce, enough...
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19 Jan

Retro Shoot With Zel Archer and Cat Moorcroft

I recently got together with photographer, Zel Archer and makeup artist, Cat Moorcroft, for a retro-inspired fashion shoot. I have been dying to do one of these since I watched the music video for Taylor Swift's music video, Wildest Dreams. Working with these two is always an absolute pleasure, and I always find myself feeling like a total badass afterwards. They're constantly building me up throughout the shoot - giving amazing direction and just being super professional while still making me laugh. As much as I love getting dressed up, I still get shy in front of the camera every now and then. But with these two that shyness fades away within seconds. Cat really nailed the retro hairstyles and makeup, and...
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12 Jan

Mungo & Jemima Summer Lookbook

Last year I had the honour of selecting a dress from Mungo & Jemima in Long Street. (You can check it out here.) It was a really though decision as all their dresses are absolutely beautiful. Everything has that special one-of-a-kind feeling, like you won’t go to a party and be wearing the same dress as someone else. (Which has happened to me too many times in my life.) I have always had a soft spot for Wildfox’s lookbooks, so I immediately fell in love with this magnificent one from Mungo & Jemima, as it has that same charm. The lighting, the model, the fashion… it’s all so dreamy! Most of these items are only available at The Watershed and Long Street...
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