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15 Jan

Shades of summer

This holiday was so incredible. I spent everyday reading Harry Potter in the beach, tanning, sipping champagne and napping like a queen. I bought this dress for a wedding and fell in love with the pretty colours. I also love the way it fit my body if I could be reincarnated as anything, it would be a pinup girl! I snapped these pics on our balcony at the beach. Hope you like it! Dress and bracelets: Mr Price Shoes: Woolies Earrings: Vintage Sunglasses: Spitfire...
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2 Jun

Anja Wintour, Editor of Fauxgue. Shot by Nadine Aucamp.

A while ago I did a photoshoot with the very talented Nadine Aucamp. The theme was: Anja Wintour, Editor of Fauxgue.  Anja Wintour loves faux fur and leopard print.  She's a bit of a glamour gangsta. Don't mess with her, or she'll give you an icy stare. And you won't be allowed to make eye contact with her anymore. TTYN. Anja Wintour loves sunglasses, because they allow her to judge tekkies and white boots without letting on. Peekaboo, I see your uggs. Sometimes, after a long day of fabulosity, she likes to let her hair down. And enjoy some time in the sun. n Her eyes can see through your soul. Anja is very patriotic. Like her idol, Lana Del Rey. And  Lady Gaga. She's not American, but she loves America. But not Americans. She's good. But bad. She loves the...
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30 May


Two weeks ago I had a photoshoot with one of the most talented photographers I've ever come across. Nadine and I shared the same vision for the shoot and together we made it a reality. Let me just tell you a bit more about Nadine; she is the kind of photographer who'd stop at nothing to get the best shot. At one point she was lying flat down on her back in the middle of a forest JUST to capture a winning shot. I can write about her amazingness the whole day, but I think it would be better to rather just show you how talented she is. This is just a tiny teaser of the photoshoot, keep an eye on my...
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