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23 Mar


Even though I have been ranting about motorists, posting about my new MAC lipstick and giving career advice – I have been very quiet in terms of fashion posts. The reason for this is that I decided to do quality over quantity. I have never really classified myself as a fashion blogger, as my blog has too many themes to truly stick to one. But as my blog’s name states: I love a bit of glitz in my life. This year I decided to revamp my blog and relook the way I approach fashion posts. As a result I have teamed up with some talented photographers, such as Zel Archer and Grethe Rosseaux and now Vaughn Wright. Even though Vaughn and I work...
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28 Feb


Most of the shoots I have done until now have been quite light and airy, so when photographer Grethe Rosseaux and I were brainstorming for this one, I told her I'd like to do something darker. We got make-up artist, Sam Ellenberger, on-board and headed to Paarl Mountain for our shoot. The light in the forest had other ideas, however. Beautiful sunbeams shot through the trees, bathing us in soft light. We decided to go with it, and Sam used more earthy make-up shades for the earlier shots. As the sun set and the woods got a bit darker, so did my make-up. I am beyond pleased with the result of this shoot, and I can't thank Grethe, Sam and her husband, Bruce, enough...
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4 Dec

Adventure Time

If there's one thing I believe in; it's that you really never have to break the bank to look good. I have always been a super bargain hunter, and it truly excites me when I find purse-friendly fashion that makes me feel like a queen. I recently got a beautiful press drop from Jet Fashion, and it contained these amazing high-waisted denims. These denims fit me like a glove, but most importantly - they are affordable! You can get a pair of sassy denims at Jet for under R200. That's unheard of these days, seriously. The press drop also contained these beautiful sunglasses - also under R100. Check out all of Jet's fashion here. Follow them on Twitter here, and like their Facebook...
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28 Oct

Just Peachy

Did you know that it is completely possible to fall in love with an inanimate object? It's called objectophilia, and that's how I feel about this dress from Mungo & Jemima. Made by local designer, Celeste Arendse, this dress is pure perfection. From the colour to the pleats - I am SMITTEN. You can get this dress on Mungo & Jemima's website here. I paired this dress with a pair of bright green heels from LEGiT, and my new sunnies from Cotton On. Cotton On currently has a special where you can get two pairs of sunnies for R200 - so worth it! Run! A very special shoutout to Style Bar for the fresh highlights. I feel so summer ready! Thanks for the photos, Shanaaz Abrahams. You're...
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21 Sep

Goodbye, winter

It's no secret that I absolutely loathe winter. I don't understand people who like being cold;  what's wrong with you?! (Sorry, not sorry.) This weekend I bid farewell to winter by wearing my trench coat one last time. I don't care what the weather in Cape Town is going to do in the next few weeks - I WILL NOT WEAR COATS AGAIN. I am going to force spring to show its face by wearing breezy blouses and skirts. (So be sure to look out for the tall blonde girl freezing her bum off.) I am absolutely in love with this trench coat from Thrift Scavenger. I got it for R180, which is an absolute steal for a coat of this quality!...
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