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11 Feb

My favourite movie bitches

I love chick flicks as much as I despise romantic movies. I've watched Clueless, Mean Girls, Easy A and John Tucker Must Die so many times that I can recite it word for word. The best part about chick flicks is that there's usually a bitch that everybody loves to hate. These characters usually have a lot of amazing bitch wisdom that we can learn from. These are some of my favourite movie bitches and what they've taught me about life. Mean Girls: Regina George Why I love her:  Regina George is the bitch we all have inside of us. Janis: How do I begin to explain Regina George? Emma Gerber: Regina George is flawless. Mathlete Tim Pak: I hear her hair's insured for $10,000. Amber D'Alessio: I...
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24 Jan

Don’t be a dick – get a chick.

Over the years I’ve received a few very creepy Facebook inbox messages. These are a few of the best ones:       It seems that for many guys the lines between creepiness, douchiness and friendliness are blurred. That’s why I decided to write this guide. Don’t be a dick, get a chick. A guide by Anja van der Spuy.   Tip 1: If you wouldn’t say it in real life, don’t say it digitally   Before you send a message to a girl, ask yourself if you would read that message to her face-to-face. If the answer is no, there’s a 90% chance that your message is creepy. Tip 2: Choose your compliments wisely   Girls LOVE compliments. I promise you that there isn’t a girl in the world who doesn’t like receiving...
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11 Jan

5 Reasons why I am a leopard

By now you all probably know that I am obsessed with leopard print. If you didn’t know this about me, here’s a photo I took of all my leopard print clothes last year. (I now have even more.) I have a theory that my leopard print obsession is actually turning me into a leopard. I created this list to show you why. Reasons why I am possibly a leopard: 1.)    I don’t like being touched Let me tell you one really important thing about me: I do not like being touched. I am convinced that something went wrong with my female settings, because I am really the most unaffectionate girl in the world. If you are not part of my family or friendship group, DON’T...
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13 Dec

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

You are probably all familiar with the Ain’t nobody got time for that video, right? If you’re not, let me introduce you to the BEST thing that has happened to the Internet this year.  [youtube][/youtube] This video inspired me to make a list of things that I ain’t got time for. Please feel free to add to it. Youtube Ads Obey Your Body Promoters Closed Facebook Profiles Secret Santa Captchas News Letters Jehovah’s Witnesses Motivational Quotes Drama All Staff Emailers Wine Snobs And of course: BRONCHITIS ...
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23 Nov

My first (awkward) week at my new job.

I am a firm believer in sharing my life's embarrassment with you, I decided to write about my first week at the new company. Enjoy. Day 1: The introduction. This whole day can be summarised in one (made up) word: DERP On my first day my new manager took me around the office to introduce me to everyone, which resulted in a lot of fake laughing and awkward sweaty handshakes. I probably said, “Nice to meet you!” about a thousand times that day. With the exception of the one time I said, “HICE to meet you.” Day 2: The fridge. My desk is right next to the office fridge, which is usually amazing because it would mean that I don’t have to walk far to stuff my...
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