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28 Feb

2017 Oscars After Party Red Carpet Rant

Thank you, Shante Hutton, for bringing the Oscars After Party to my attention. Sarah Paulson www.buzzfeed.com When your mom is like, "Do you think you're funny?" BuyCostumes.com Gabrielle Union Autumn in Cape Town. Mindy Kalling 1970s sitkamerbank with a hint of Peter Stuyvesant. Scarlett Johansson Omg, Grindelwald! You have some nerve showing up at The Oscars! Jessica Alba Diane Kruger Dobby is a free elf! (Shoutout to Karin Ras for tweeting me about this dress.) Malin Akerman http://pokemon.wikia.com/wiki/Charmander Rashida Jones Mother of the bride. Alan Cumming Can't fool me, Rumpelstiltskin! Dakota Johnson When your best friend asks you what you're getting them for their birthday. Jennifer Aniston AliExpress.com https://www.lizandliz.com Jennifer Aniston is the cure to my insomnia. All images courtesy of Buzzfeed. I do not own any of...
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27 Feb

2017 Oscars Red Carpet Rant

Last night the stars looked absolutely incredible at the Academy Awards, so I really had to scratch deep to find dresses for this post. Kudos to all the celebrities for looking so incredible. And thanks to those who gave me content for this blog. Halle Berry (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic) This outfit is more deurmekaar than kots in a tumbledryer. Leslie Mann http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/ When duvet day gets a bit out of control. Kirsten Dunst http://oscar.go.com  Nice dress, Kirsten Dunst. Charissa Thompson mirror.co.uk Nice dress, Kirsten Dunst. Dakota Johnson hearstapps.com Oh wow, so proud of Mary for making it to the Oscars all the way from Bethlehem. You go, girl! Alicia Vikander wennermedia.com ...
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23 Feb

How to make the most of a Garden Route Holiday

A holiday, already? Wow, Anja. It's February. Calm down. But you guys, March and April are coming. And with all those public holidays - it's basically like a second December. And if you're like me and you had to be online over the Festive Season, now's the time to take a proper break! J-P and I absolutely love the East Coast, and last year we went to Jeffrey's Bay for Easter and in December we went to Port Elizabeth for a week. I find everything about the trip up charming, from stopping at little farm stalls in Robertson to finding a Wimpy in the most obscure little towns. (I love Wimpy. Don't judge me.) But what I love the most, is the Garden...
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22 Feb

Things That Make Me Happy

I think we're all pretty well acquainted with the things that make me sad. So I've decided to write an article about the things that make me happy. 1.The smell of a braai on a summer's night I live for going to the beach, having a sunkissed skin and wearing sundresses. But my absolute favourite part about summer is that lekker smell of braai that fills the air at dusk. 2. Dogs Dogs make everything better in life. I hate going to the petrol station, so I used to take my Jack Russell with me just to make the trip better. 10/10 would recommend. Unfortunately I can't have a dog at my flat, but I am a problem-solver and that's why I like to go to the...
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13 Feb

2017 Grammy Awards Red Carpet Rant

If you've had a blue Monday, this is for you. Solange https://www.buzzfeed.com/ Amazing photo of the latest addition to The Two Oceans Aquarium. CeeLo Green https://www.buzzfeed.com When you send out a risky tweet and you refresh your notifications. Andra Day https://www.buzzfeed.com *Goes to Coachella once* Lea Michele https://www.buzzfeed.com E! Online Joy Villa Nee fokkof. Girl Crush When you love parties so much that you become one. Diva Zappa http://www.eonline.com/ Ready for the Grammys and for a night out at Gandalf's. Katy Perry This outfit is like people who put Chutney on their braaibroodjies. It was fine on its own, man. Also, this is literally what my hair looked like after the December holiday. http://www.eonline.com Skrillex ...
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