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A reminder that everyone is gatvol, so don't be kak.

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15 Oct

My life in GIFs

[dropcap1]I[/dropcap1] don’t always have the words to say how I feel, so I decided to let the GIFs do the talking. When I get retweeted on Twitter or when someone likes one of my posts on Facebook.     When it dawns on me that I might have accidentally sent a bitchy sms to the person that I was bitching about.     When a guy can't stop talking about himself.   What happens every single time I try to show off. When I'm in the presence of someone who's a total suck up.  Me in every meeting ever. When someone who thinks that he/she is hilarious makes a joke in my presence. How I think friendship is supposed to work. How I act when I'm at home. When I have to get up on Mondays. When I'm...
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21 Jul

Anja visits Adult World for the first and the last time.

In my first year at Red & Yellow, we were given a brief to go someplace out of our comfort zone and write about it. I decided to go to Adult World in Paarl, and this is what I wrote: (Our lecturer had to read this) I’m not even going to deny that I’ve always looked for an excuse to go into Adult World. Then, yesterday, we got a new assignment that gave me the golden opportunity to enter the Narnia door of porn. The assignment was for us to go to a place we’ve never been to, preferably out of our comfort zone, and observe everyone and everything there. At first I thought of going to a few lectures with my...
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