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10 Mar

How to make a sock bun, Anja Wine-tour style

A few of you tweeted me to ask how I managed to make a sockbun.  So I decided to help you guys out by showing you how I did it. I hope this helps. This is what you will need: A sock. (DUH) Make sure it's a relatively skinny sock. It doesn't work with a big sock. For instance it wouldn't work with this GIGANTIC GODZILLA SOCK. Bobby pins and an elastic. Wine. And lots of it. Liquid liner and red lipstick. Step 1: Cut the toe off of the sock to create a tube. Step 2: Drink some wine. You're going to need it. Step 3: Pull your hair back in a ponytail. You can decide how high or low it should be. Just a warning: the lower the bun, the more...
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6 Mar

Anja’s dicktionary

Shnoff: A really disgusting way of eating. (This is the only way I eat when I'm at home.) Vetiket: Fat people etiquette. I’m not going to elaborate on this one – use your imagination. Gay-Okay: When a gay guy gives your outfit the a-okay. This is pretty much the highest form of fashion approval, except for getting approval from the fashion queen herself, Anna Wintour. Think skank: A play on the term "think tank". This is what think skank looks like: Fauxlice: Threatening someone with the police just to scare them, but you actually have no intention of ever calling the cops. Stone: This one time while I was speaking to one of my colleagues, I wanted to ask her about the style and tone of...
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11 Feb

My favourite movie bitches

I love chick flicks as much as I despise romantic movies. I've watched Clueless, Mean Girls, Easy A and John Tucker Must Die so many times that I can recite it word for word. The best part about chick flicks is that there's usually a bitch that everybody loves to hate. These characters usually have a lot of amazing bitch wisdom that we can learn from. These are some of my favourite movie bitches and what they've taught me about life. Mean Girls: Regina George Why I love her:  Regina George is the bitch we all have inside of us. Janis: How do I begin to explain Regina George? Emma Gerber: Regina George is flawless. Mathlete Tim Pak: I hear her hair's insured for $10,000. Amber D'Alessio: I...
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24 Jan

Don’t be a dick – get a chick.

Over the years I’ve received a few very creepy Facebook inbox messages. These are a few of the best ones:       It seems that for many guys the lines between creepiness, douchiness and friendliness are blurred. That’s why I decided to write this guide. Don’t be a dick, get a chick. A guide by Anja van der Spuy.   Tip 1: If you wouldn’t say it in real life, don’t say it digitally   Before you send a message to a girl, ask yourself if you would read that message to her face-to-face. If the answer is no, there’s a 90% chance that your message is creepy. Tip 2: Choose your compliments wisely   Girls LOVE compliments. I promise you that there isn’t a girl in the world who doesn’t like receiving...
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11 Jan

5 Reasons why I am a leopard

By now you all probably know that I am obsessed with leopard print. If you didn’t know this about me, here’s a photo I took of all my leopard print clothes last year. (I now have even more.) I have a theory that my leopard print obsession is actually turning me into a leopard. I created this list to show you why. Reasons why I am possibly a leopard: 1.)    I don’t like being touched Let me tell you one really important thing about me: I do not like being touched. I am convinced that something went wrong with my female settings, because I am really the most unaffectionate girl in the world. If you are not part of my family or friendship group, DON’T...
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