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25 Jun

A Life Update

This weekend I looked at my blog and felt so guilty that I haven’t written anything since 24 May. Sies man, Anja. Your WordPress theme was kak expensive and you need to use it.

Where have I been? I realised that I have explained it on every single social network except on my blog. So I have decided to give you guys a life update. If you’ve been following all my tweets – please feel free to click away, because this might be a bit repetitive for you.

If not; read on.

At the beginning of 2017 I vowed to be brave and reach for my dreams. Just kidding, this isn’t Pinterest. Let me rephrase: At the beginning of 2017 I vowed to be a bad bitch.

It started with getting the right medication. You can read more about this here.

Last year I was literally too tired to care about my blog, and as a result I declined a lot of opportunities. So, step two was to resuscitate my blog and breathe new life into my Instagram. I’ve always had a passion for photography, and this year I decided to focus on it a bit more because it makes me very happy. My Instagram has become my pride and joy, but I have also been very careful to not sell a fake life.

This goes hand-in-hand with saying yes to more opportunities. In 2016 W24 asked me to write exclusive articles for them (ones that haven’t been featured on my blog), but because I wasn’t in the right headspace – I never got around to it. This year I took them up on the offer, and my first article was about comparing my life to other people’s Instagram lives. You can read it here. I’m hoping to do more soon.

I also did something I never thought I would again: a vlog. I DESPISE hearing my own voice on a recording, and I am 100% a better writer than a speaker. So when Cosmopolitan asked me to be part of their Garnier Hair Diaries video – I was like: NUUUUOPE.

But then I remembered my Bad Bitch vow, and I said yes. The shoot started out really awkward, because I was so blerrie nervous. Everyone was so nice to me though and it really helped. I ended up having so much fun and I love how the video came out.

For years I have dreamt of going to New York, and this year I decided to finally do it. This is truly one of my biggest dreams of all time, and even after getting my visa, and booking accommodation and flights – I am still terrified that it won’t happen. But that feeling is how I know that I am about to embark on an epic adventure. I’ve learnt that the dreams that scare me the most are the most exciting ones.

That brings me to the biggest reason my blog has been so quiet.

A month ago I handed in my resignation letter and I started a new job last Monday. It was a very scary decision for me, but one I needed to make for my selfcare eco-system. I realised that I was in the wrong field and that I needed to go back to my true passion: content writing and management.

I was fortunate enough to land a position doing exactly that, and I am so excited to see where it will lead.

On a personal front, JP and I are still together  – even though his chewing often makes me want to move out. And my whining about tardiness makes him want to be late for everything forever.

Previously on The Vampire Diaries.

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But he has been my biggest cheerleader. I have days where I am Anna Wintour and I have days where I am 2014 Amanda Bynes. And he somehow manages to be there for me through all of this.

He is going to New York with me and I so happy and grateful to have him by my side.


2016 was not my year, or anyone else’s year for that matter. I had a lot of health issues – some of it I have spoken about on my blog, and some of it I have kept private. But I have openly talked about my depression and insomnia, to help others who are in the same position as me. (For those of you who have not read these articles – I added one to the link in my bio.) Getting to the bottom of my this was a pricey affair, however. I went to so many GPs, alternative medicine practitioners and eventually a psychiatrist. By the end of last year I’d spent a fortune on specialists and medication, and I’d completely stopped buying/doing anything nice for myself as a result. At the beginning of this year I looked at my life and I decided that I need to stop letting these things control my life and choose ME. One of my BIGGEST dreams of all time has always been to go on holiday to New York, and so I vowed to make it happen. I decided to stop living in fear of last year’s expenses and to just LIVE. I have my visa, my accommodation and my man – I’ll see you in October, New York. P.S. If you have any tips and recommendations of places we should visit while we’re there – comment and let me know! Photo by @wednesdayandoctober

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I am looking forward to the rest of the year and being an ultra overachiever; I have already set my new batch of goals.

The list is very long, so I’ll give you a sneak peek:

  1. Get a dog.


I promise to keep my blog alive from now on. And if I don’t; please feel free to guilt-trip me.



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    My ass expected you to have an Afrikaans English accent.

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