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20 Apr

Dear Kendall Jenner

Dear Kendall Jenner, If you've read my letter to your sister, you're probably super nervous about the contents of this letter. But you can relax, because I'm here to celebrate what a beautiful woman you've become. When things come too easily to humans, they often become lazy or jaded. But you've taken the opportunities that were given to you, and you've used them to build an incredible career for yourself. Many people will say that you wouldn't have been able to be this successful, had you not been part of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. But that's not true. You've dreamt of becoming a model from a young age, and you stopped at nothing to reach that dream...
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20 Apr

How to not suck at posting a Gumtree ad  

Hi, I’m Anja and I’m a bargain hunter. Seriously, my dad used to tease my mom and me that our surname should’ve been Van Zyl, because we love sales so much. (Got to love dad jokes, hey.) I LOVE SALES OKAY. My bargain-hunting doesn’t only stretch to sales, but also second-hand buying. I’ve done a post on this before, which you can view here. Nobody is a bigger fan of Gumtree than my brother though. He buys and sells things on there almost monthly. A few weeks ago he got a call that he won a DSTV Explorer, and by that afternoon he’d already sold it on Gumtree. Yes, I am related to this person. Anyways, my recent...
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